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I just noticed the HC forum has gone yet further downhill. Not only does it crash Netscape 7.2 and works like molasses on IE 6, now when replying I have no text box to type a reply in.

RE: "Re: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming Changes to Harmony Central’s Online Community":

Last time I accessed HC at a public library, it gave no problems. It was TGP that gave me an adult content warning!!! (I only had to say OK, though.)

As to the copyright issue, this new software doesn't link images but instead copies them to HC's server. This is not an acceptable method of posting images except those owned by the poster.

Obviously, with the latest degradation of the software, it is unlikely I will be posting in the future. I have participated somewhat at TGP, but they are very strict that anyone in the music equipment business (which I currently barely am) cannot say what they want.


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