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10/14/2013 -- in R&D Mode

I'm now about three months in on doing basic research again. So far have come up with some good pieces but don't have the entire puzzle yet. As usual, this can only be approached as seeing what I can come up with and then deciding if it demands to be produced. As mentioned previously, I'm looking at producing a new product only and then adding more or re-introducing an old one. Current development is of Overdrive but then I will look at how that can be modded for Fuzz and other tones by adding extra controls.

New version of the Supra "Zombified" Distortion -- with Damage Switch!

This new switch provides "auto-misbiasing" for even fuzzier sounds with, like classic fuzzes, clean-up with reduced gain or turning down your guitar's volume control. The result is one of the most versatile fuzzes at any price! More info here. (Note: audio degradation due to use of camcorder audio. New video may be forthcoming.)

Long Break possibly coming to end -- old products retired?

This is my first update of my site in almost 2 years. In 2011 my home was broken into. I was already in a long "R&D mode" period. Since then I've mostly concentrated on moving and taking a long-needed break. Except for again being performing the Zombified mod (see above), I am looking at developing 1-3 new products before relaunching full production. For example, an improvement of the Subzombie using my latest researches into Tone and possibly even more flexibility. Late 2013 at earliest.

I do have 2 units available: Mystique w/ fuzz, demo unit, special $110. Supra Clean Mix mod, $85. Prices less shipping.

The MIX Thing

I developed this device over the course of 2 years and, so far, haven't been able to interest anyone in it. While the sound of distortion and clean mixed can be a lot more odd than one might expect, and isn't for everyone, its ability to "morph" between sounds and the number of ways it can be used is fantastic. As things stand, it will NOT be produced unless substantial interest is voiced. Anyway, if you have the needed imagination, check it out (Note: audio degradation/compression due to use of camcorder audio) :

I welcome comments, please send to this address: . Be sure that the subject line is descriptive and there are no attachments, or else it may be ignored or deleted.


Previous products

An unusually dynamic and responsive overdrive pedal. The "Clarifier" circuit brings forward mid-level detail from the midrange and treble of a guitar signal. This also avoids the muddiness inherent in ordinary distortion circuits, avoiding the need to excessively reshape the tonal balance.

A switch provides an alternate overdrive sound and a fuzz effect also like none before. This is chunky and splatty like a classic nasty low-gain transistor fuzz, even more signal-destroying and yet stable, responsive, with clean-up.

SE-5 $129 ... SE-5X $139 ... more

A simple, fast control arrangement produces a huge array of sounds -- sweet and creamy, or harsh, or brain-sucking ... and in-between. This device provides 3 seperate distortion signals in closely spaced gain increments and double-inverted phase. It is not a traditional fuzz.

MIXFUZZ pedals operate on the principle that two or more different distortion signals can be be added together, but also subtracted from each other, emphasizing their differences ... this one uses distortion-type circuits that preserve much of the original instrument tone, but transforms them dynamically and tonally, selectably in a range from overdrive/distortion to extreme fuzz tones including "swell" effects and synth-like "vocal" inflections.

SE-4 $139 ... SE-4B $149 ... more
Supra CLEAN MIX Distortion

Clean mix produces 2 highly different sounds from one guitar, down to a transparent overdrive boost. The wide-range Gain and enhanced Tone controls produce dirt sounds from smooth to metallic. The added CLEAN mix control is completely independent of the existing distortion control knobs... more


Spencer Amps was created in 2004 by myself, Bill Spencer, as a company name wide enough to include my audio electronic interests, from guitar to hi-fi, but all of which make it louder .. and distort. Since then, I have conducted extensive research into the subject of distortion effects, along with production of a limited number of effects pedals.

My design philosophy for pedals includes a desire for innovation instead of copycat design, and sonically the ability to not overly color the tone unless desired, resulting in devices with excellent tone on the their own, but also that work well in combination with other effects and also overdriven amplifiers.

I am a BSEE (1982) and built my first fuzzbox in 1976. Soon I was working on my own designs, and also began working with vacuum tube circuits in the mid-80s. I have over 28 years experience in the electronics profession, including digital hardware design, patents, and repair.

Please send all inquiries to this address: . Be sure that the subject line is descriptive and there are no attachments, or else it may be ignored or deleted.

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Mix Muff


The perfect combination: an all-time classic expanded to a new world of sounds even bigger than its box. Deriving its signals from the original gain stages, both cleaner and fuzzier sounds can be produced, such as clean-fuzz mixes, beautiful overdrives, and nasty zombie tones.

Great idea, right? However it was not popular enough and therefore too laborious a mod to perform. There is some possibility of reviving this project, perhaps even as a DIY mod kit? Or I may replace it in function with an all-original pedal.


SplonkulatorTM Distortion Processor SE-2 (archive page)

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Contour Boost refinishing experiment --
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